About Us

IMG_8166 Juneau is ‘the boat’ and will be our home whilst on our travels.  She is a Jetten 34AC built in Sneek, Netherlands, so her first trip abroad will actually be going home for her.  We took possession of Juneau in March 2010 and have spent many happy days on her with family and friends, on the Thames and sometimes further afield.
David is the captain, at least, that’s what we’ll call him here!  His day job is as a software architect working on customer engagement programmes.  In his spare time he plans mad trips abroad and spends a fair amount of time maintaining and polishing the lovely Juneau.
Liz is 2IC.  Her claim to fame is that since owning a boat she has learned rope throwing skills that would put a cowboy to shame.  Liz works in market research, which just allows her to be professionally nosey!  She is a keen supporter of the charity Guide Dogs and that leads us to the last member of the crew.
Tex is crew member number three but he likes to think he’s in charge.  He has the rest of the crew wrapped around his little paw!  Having started a (somewhat short) career as a guide dog Tex gave up working life to become a pet.  He is the ship’s dog – not too taxing a role, mainly involving eating anything that lands on deck (not geese though), relieving passers-by of food, treats and tennis balls and occasionally barking for no reason just to put the wind up the rest of the crew! IMG_0135